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Paraty - Adventures in Paraty, São Paulo and Curitiba

Brasilien (Paraty, São Paulo, Curitiba) 2005-10-14

As You can see, resboken has changed name to mintur (My trip). Still not in English but if You have any problems due to the Swedish language, drop us an email. If You already have signed into resboken, You don’t have to do anything.

Our camera broked down in Paraty....:-( Only a few photos from Paraty and nothing from the lovely beaches nearby and from our boat trip. We now had to go to São Paulo (six hours by bus) to try find a Sony dealer. He couldn’t fix it so we had to find the Sony head office. And we did! And they fixed it!!! To days later, with a "new" camera we left São Paulo: sad for our receptionist, who said: Do You really have to leave today?

São Paulo was brutal! So many PEOPLE and CARS!!! It is the third biggest city in the world! We must say that we are glad we have seen and experienced this town! We took the bus to Curitiba (another 6,5 hour trip) a lovely, safe and clean city in the south.

Sweden has qualified for world championship in football 2006 (and Brazil).