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Curitiba - Soaking wet in Morretes

Brasilien (Curitiba) 2005-10-16

We are now spending a few hours with Internet, waiting for our night bus to Foz do Iguacu. Our plan was to go from Curitiba to the coast, Paranaguá and Ilha do Mel. But the exciting train (se pictures) stopped at Morretes (1,5 hours from Paranaguá).

In Morretes we met Maria and Nicolas who have a Pousada in the jungle nearby and after talking to them and due to a terrible weather forecast (rain, rain and rain) we decided to stay at their Pousada. Eva bought some food at a local place and we went by their very, very old car (a wonder it’s still working).

Nicolas is working as a Jungle guide so he took us right out in the Atlantic jungle, no trail... Even thought it starts to rain after about one hour, it was a very cool experience. Have You seen that HUDGE spider? Maria told us to kill it, but she was afraid to help us. No problem as long as Tarzan is around.....

The rainy day nr 2 we spent traveling by local buses to Antonina, Paranaguá and Morretes. We had dinner, a typical local dish "Barreado" = a rib sticking spiced meat stew that cooks for 24 hours in a sealed clay pot. It was delicious!! Mmmmm starting to get hungry again......