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Rio - Cloudberry at Ipanema

Brasilien (Rio de Janeiro) 2005-09-26

Anders crazy idea about serving Swedish Cloudberry jam at Ipanema has come through!!

Peter, a Swede who is working as a guide in at Rioguiden in Rio helped us to explain in Portuguese. Thank You for all Your help, Peter!! Without You we haven't been able to see and enjoy Bossa Nova places, Samba places and other music Bar etc.

Our hotel is just a block away from the famous "'Garota da Ipanema'' were Tom Jobin made the song with the same name: The girl from Ipanema. And they serve a wonderful Caipirinha (or two or three...). We start every morning with a walk from Ipanema to Copacabana and to Leblon and back.

We have really falling in love with and in Rio!!!