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New Zealand

It takes time to explore New Zealand and it’s a lovely country! We spent two and a half month driving our rented car – in total we drove 8500 kilometres.

Our personal recommendation is to rent a car and stay at hostels in New Zealand.

Hostels are NOT only for young backpackers – at some of the hostels (and some are just wonderful!) we were the youngest!! Check out BBH.

As you can read from our stories there are so many things to see and do in New Zealand so TIME will be your scarcest resource!!

We had no plans when we landed in We are the second couple in the boat fighting this Grade V. Eva has the green helmet. Click to enlarge.View from Slope Point in New Zealand late in the evening. Click to enlarge.New Zealand and did all our planning ad hoc – if you have the time it is a smart plan to do so!

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