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Nya Zeeland (Christchurch) 2006-01-09

New Zealand!!

A feeling of being at home, during summer!! It is clean, clean, and clean. Clean (like Stockholm), we can drink the Tap water and guess what? We have started to exercise again!!

Our stomachs are absolutely ok and we can enjoy ALL the food we want! Maybe not ALL the food, it is much, much more expensive than South America!!

.Christchurch is pretty much alike "Henley on the Thames", a small English town, maybe a bit bigger. People are very nice to us and it is nice to be able to speak English!! We pre booked four nights from Sweden, at Hostel Stonehurst, a double room, though we knew that it is in the middle of the NZ summer and all the schools are out and everyone is on vacation. We use these days to read a lot about NZ, planning our trip etc.

Yesterday we decided to rent a car for the 2,5 months we will be traveling from the south island up to the north. We were also thinking about buying a car but neither one of us really know don't know more than how to fuel the car, so that we decided it was a bad idea. And we have no experience of selling cars.........

Eva has already been checking out how to use some of her birthday presents. Tandem jump over lakes, glaciers, beaches and.......River rafting on a Kategory5 river and .......No, not bungy jumping!!!

Earlier today we have bought us a golf guide, golf gloves, balls and a set of pegs! It is really cheap to play golf here, about 30-200 Swedish kr/round!! Anders has already played a couple of rounds/courses in his head....

And, guess what?! ......the best part of it all?! We have been doing Body Pump!!!! It all started from NZ (and still does!). Have a guess if it was FUN??!! Eva started with a 5 kilos weight on each side ...but damn felt so heavy....have Eva really loosed this much strength?? Anders felt the same, super heavy!! We had to check this up with our very well fitted trainer and, yes we had another 4,5 kilos in our bar !!! No wonder that we felt so weak! Maybe we'll not be able to drive our car tomorrow?!

Summer greetings from Eva (that finally has tinted her eyelash and eye brush)
and Anders (that has new repaired sunglasses)