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Wanaka - I DID IT!!!!

Nya Zeeland (Lake Wanaka) 2006-01-19

Woke up at 8 this morning, the sky is really sunny and there is hardly no wind !!!! Had my breakfast.......and I am really excited....will it work today? How about the wind? Calm enough?......I have phoned them for three days now and the wind has been to strong for Skydiving..... :-(

Eva on her way down from 12.000 feet in 200 km/h in the beautiful landscape in Wanaka, New Zealand in her first parachute jump ever. Click to enlarge. I call them at 9:30 - Hi it is Eva - We have a wonderful weather today!!?? Yes, Eva!! We have made this especially for You !!! Be here at 10 and we go for it!! Wow! We head directly to Wanaka airport. - I am here!!!!!

Made up my mind for both digital photos and a DVD movie so now I have a photographer on my own........How I feel? - I am nervous and a bit scared and ....this will be great FUN!!!! I have, by this time, learned just to "let go".....*smile*

A very calm and sweet guy from Hungary, Yunnie, is helping me with my overall and all the buckles: He is the one how will take me down to the earth again........ We fly up to 12.000 feet with my female photographer and two other Tandem skydivers.......Well, now it is no way for return! Anders is staying at the ground watching us fly up, up, up......

WOW!!!! Is this exciting??..........and now a "BIG SMILE"....and off we go. Can't explain the feeling......Freefall in 45 sec (they are loong) and in 200 km/hour!!! Absolutely unbelievable FUN!!!! And the view... (see pictures!) over a snowy Mt Aspiring , Lake Wanaka, Lake Wanahu and a clear blue Clutha River.

When we "sailed" down, everything is quiet and very calm and we can talk to each other. He is pointing out the area and he also thanked me for being so easy to "freefall" with - "a body in perfect harmony". - Do You want to spin? Of course!! Wow!!

The landing was perfect and I am walking around with a BIG SMILE!!!!!!!!

You have to try it!!!


Skydiva Eva