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Taveuni - Dolphin Bay Divers - Somosomo Strait

Fiji (Taveuni) 2006-04-10

Mjauu says Kerricat – one of 9 cats we have around us in the breakfast table here at Dolphin Bay Divers Resort. We are really enjoying their company and also the company from Sox and Boxer – the two dogs that live here as well. At the breakfast table are also the owners Viola and Roland (she is German and he is Swiss).

At breakfast Nia and Martina serves us a lot of banana and papaya from the garden, the/coffee and toast. The have more guest coming in – yesterday there where a couple from German who came here. They are specialists in underwater photography so we can hopefully copy some of their photos when we are diving together and put them into the webpage later on so you can see what we are looking at under the water.
It is a very peaceful life we are living here – after breakfast we make usually makes two dives at the Rainbow Reef and after lunch we go to the hammocks and read our books and solve sudoku in combination with a swim in the water or some snorkeling. At the beach, where we have found a coconut safe place for our hammocks, we see approx. 15 baby black tipped reef sharks that are swimming just one meter out from the beach.

In the air we have parrots and on the ground we have small and big crabs that are running around and in the evening when we have dinner on the beach we are guarded by flying foxes.

The diving has been extremely good – some of the best we have experienced (and we compare with Sipadan in Borneo, Bunaken in Indonesia, Cozumel in Mexico, Galapagos and Similan Island in Thailand) both when it comes to the coral and the fishes and other species.

Anders behind the colourful soft coral at Rainbow Reef. Click to enlarge.A Blue tang (You know Dory from Finding Nemo!) is swimming at Rainbow Reef. We found a school of them here - very unusual. Click to enlarge.Some marvelous colorful soft coral and a lot of fished, nudibranches and other species we never have seen before. We said after the dives this Thursday that should a person do one dive in their life they should do that dive we had that morning at Rainbow Garden – it was magic! Well, today’s dive at The White Wall was also outstanding.

Eva has been running a couple of times on the beach while Anders is resting in the hammock. It is not because of laziness but only because Anders also run the first time on the beach which resulted in a twisted wrist! He managed to find a hole (!) in the sand where he placed his left foot and crash! The foot is much better now – however no running for a while.

In a few days our friends Daniel and Stefan are coming to Dolphin Bay to spend their holiday – that will be very nice and we are curious what they bring from Sweden – maybe the have a new camera for us so we can start taking pictures again.

It is Easter so we take the opportunity to say HAPPY EASTER to You and Your family.

(As you can see we have found a small exit into cyberspace – life is full of surprises, isn’t it!!)

Many, many hugs from EvAnders (alias Barracuda and Manta Queen)

PS. If you plan to go to Fiji – found out who William Ryder is (he is 21 years old and plays rugby) and you can talk to anyone in Fiji – Anders special trick!