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About EvAnders

We, Eva & Anders Sundström (nickname EvAnders) from Stockholm Sweden, decided to take a break in our careers to travel and fulfil our dream while we still were relatively young (between 47 and 50). We had the guts to say goodbye to our careers and normal life and travelled Around the World in 365 days (well, actually we were away 382 days!).We are eating black pepper crab in Singapore on our way home after 365 days of travelling. Click to enlarge.
We have experienced friends in our age group that from one day to another cease to exist due to heart attacks and some whom, in our age, very quickly die from cancer or other diseases. As we didn’t know whether we would live or what kind of physical health we would be 15 - 20 years from now we decided to fulfil our dream while we still had the chance.

We have always loved to travel and have been to different places during our vacations and we have many times talked about how great it would be to jump out of the rat race and be free for a long period and just travel. Now we have done that and it was just fantastic!!

We hope you get inspired to read about our adventures on this website so you start to plan your own RTW trip!

On this site we have collected all the travel reports we wrote to family, friends and affiliates at minTur while we were travelling. The stories were written in the different countries we visited and are added with some of the pictures we took. If you also want to make your travel blogg into your personal webpage - click here!

Dreams are to be fulfilled so get inspired!!


Eva & Anders Sundström