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To be back home!

Our friends have performed a singsing in the village Meno in Upper Sepik, Papua New Guinea. Click to enlarge.It is absolutely wonderful to meet and spend time with family and friends. In the end – that is what counts!

It is very educating to get some perspectives to the life we lived before we went away. The things we see now is stress, people are running around, and the newspapers are covered with articles about insincere nonsense.

We hear people complain over things that billions of people around the world ask – is THAT the kind of problem you have in the developed countries??

As a consequence of our travel we have sold and given away a lot of things from our home – do we really need this or is there someone else who needs it more than us? We have started to send used clothes to Papua New Guinea and that flow will continue.Poiy, who left his leg by a mine, is demonstrating the different kinds of lansmine that are collected at Aki Ra´s Landmine Museum in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Click to enlarge.

People ask us how it is to be back on the treadmill. The answer is that we will not accept that life once again!! Does one really have to? That is the question that occupies our minds right now.