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What's traveling for us?

We are very curious and the more we travel the more curious of our world we get. We get fascinated to meet other cultures and to learn more about our fantastic planet and the challenges human kind have now and in the future.We are hiking towards Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy in Glacier National Park, El Chalten in Patagonia, Argentina. Click to enlarge.
We have realized that we, in a historic perspective, are very fortunate to live right now. It is possible to travel to more or less any place on the earth in a day or two and despite human efforts to destroy this planet there are still rain forest to explore, animals to watch, other naturalphenomena to explore and cities and villages to visit with many interesting people to talk to.
20 to 40 years ago it was so much more difficult to travel even though it was possible. Things like coral reefs were difficult to explore as the technology did not exist, some areas were not accessible due to lack of transportation etc. Anders and Eva are hitting bubbles at Dolphin Bay Divers in Fiji. Click to enlarge.

No one knows what our planet will look like in 10 – 20 years but the forecast looks very challenging so we are really the “lucky generation” in that sense.

Travelling gives you perspective. Perspectives on our normal life, on Sweden and the world and these perspective change you as a person. With respect and humbleness for other people and cultures travelling is fantastic. It has given us many new friends around the world and in the end travelling is about meeting and interacting with people. Children in Meno, Upper Sepik, Papua New Guinea taking care of each other while the parents are preparing the sago and fish. Click to enlarge.

The interest for global issues increases and the willingness to help other people increases. The importance of materialistic things decreases and we definitely appreciate things that people in our society normally take for granted.

We feel more responsible to our world and will act accordingly.