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New homepage - 2016-07-05

All information about our new travel Projects can be found on our new homepage

Time to travel!! - 2008-12-15
We will revisit Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia and during this time we will not update our website. You can follow the journey here.
Article in Vagabond #1 2008 - 2007-12-18
We are interview on how it is to make a Career Break in the latest edition of the Swedish travel magazine Vagabond. One thing we mention there about our webpage is that we welcome all those who have travel question to post a questions to us and we will try to help out. Read the Swedish article here
EvAnders is moving! - 2007-11-20
After many years we have now moved from out house in Täby to an apartement in Finnboda, closer to Stockholm. More info will come later.
EvAnders goes on holiday - 2007-08-23
Now it is time for us to have some vacation so we will only sporadically read our mail. An updated report was published at on Aug 22:nd - so have a look here!!

Sundström Travel has fixed one week of bicycling in Provence with some friends, a couple of days in the French Alps hiking and a Sundström Travel trip for our neighbours to Paris and Pommard in Burgundy. We will be there during harvest so apart from consuming wine we will also work with the harvest! We also plan to pass the outlet of Hugo Boss, buy some nice syrah wines at Chapoutier in Rhone valley, get some more champagne at Michel Lenique in Epernay and visit some friends in Sweden, Germany and France.
Ratana drives and guides you in Siem Reap - 2007-07-10
We have recommended fellow Swedes to make contact with Ratana before they go to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat and they are very, very pleased to have Ratana as their tuk tuk driver. He also helps in advance to reserve hotel/hostel if you contact him. For his contact information - check out our travel story from Angkor Wat.
Article in TARA - 2007-06-18
There is a 3 page story about our journey in the Swedish paper TARA. Sorry, but it is in Swedish. Read more here
Presentation at Pfizer - 2007-05-08
Eva & Anders made a presentation and showed pictures at Finance Department at Pfizer. Highly appreciated!
Deb and Rich emigrates to New Zealand - 2007-05-07
Our travel friends Deb and Rich whom we travelled with in parts of Argentina, Chile and New Zealand has emigrated to New Zealand. They also travelled around the world during one year and look what happend to them! We keep our fingers crossed and wish them good luck down there. If you want to follow their new life you can read their "emigration blogg". Good luck!!!
Igor - 2007-04-22
Sorry, no update or tips on South America, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea or Cambodia this time! The reason for this news is that Igor was born Sunday. We are a little proud, of course, and so are Eva´s daughter Lina and Peter. Next trip we make we have to call ourselves - "Grandparents on the tour again"! Here you can see some pictures of Igor
Greetings grandmother Eva and GrandAnders
Article in travel magazine RES - 2007-04-18
read more here
Very good place in Khao Lak, Thailand - 2007-04-18
We highly recommend Nang Thong Bay Resort in Khao Lak. We spent 12 days in this bungalow in September 2006 and we where very pleased with the Resort. In low season you can get a newly built beach bungalow for as low as 1.200 Bhat - double the price in high season. Contact Jist for booking and enquires.
Quy in Hanoi - 2007-04-08
Quy has start working for another small hotel in Hanoi - read more here
Information about Papua Nya Guinea - 2007-04-07
We recieve a lot of questions about Papua New Guinea. Look at the official information in your own country to an "objective view" and don´t hesitate to contact us if you are interested to go there.
Our gym gives us leftover shoes and clothes - 2007-04-04
Instead of trowing away shoes and clothes that people at the gym had forgotten we where able to send these items to Papua New Guinea. Many thanks to our gym - nJoy in Taby!!
---------------------------------------------------------Presentation in Ă…kersberga - 2007-03-30
Anders made a presentation and showed pictures for members at Ă…kerberga Golf Club. Highly appreciated!
Article in - 2007-03-29
Read more here
Ads in Svenska Dagbladet - 2007-03-26
SvD uses our photos in their own advertisment - read more here
Articles in Svenska Dagbladet - 2007-03-18
Today we got known all over Sweden - read more here
Quy in Hanoi - 2007-03-11
Quy has stopped working at Pacific Hotel in Hanoi - read more here