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Career break

Career breaks are still a suspicious thing in Sweden and in other countries as well.

Relatively few people do take these career breaks but we believe it will become more and more common in the future. It doesn’t need to be a career break to do as we did – travel for a year. After 2 x 30 minutes at 35 feet at the house reef at Tawali in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea we manage to take some photos of our favourite fish - a 3 centimeter Mandarinfish. Click to enlarge. Klicka på bilden för att förstora.It is more common in our age to take a career break to study, write a book or to do some voluntary work somewhere in the world.

The motives are very different. Some people are just tired of their life situation and needs to recharge their batteries and some just realize that life is more than to run the rat race until pension age.

What does your company say? Well, there is no scientific answer to that question. Basically it is very individual and depends on the company policy (if there is one on this subject!) and the attitude of your boss and his boss. Anders is enjoying a chat with a cheetah at Zoo Lujan outside Buenos Aires in Argentina. Click to enlarge.

Whatever company we advise to be prepared for a rough negotiation so be very well prepared and find the arguments why this is good for the company.

When is good timing to make a career break? To be honest – there is no perfect timing! However, the timing can more be more or less good so start your preparation well ahead. Whenever you choose to do it – it’s worth it!! We believe you have some advantages if you travel when you are a little older as you then have more experience and are more mature.

You will most definitely change as a person and just the fact that you jump out off the rat race and gets some perspectives of you lifestyle is very valuable. You will either make some changes in your career when you get back or get even more motivated to work for your company.

On this website you will find out where we spent or time during our 365 days (well, actually 382!) RTW-trip by reading the 65 Travel stories we put together from 13 countries. We hope it inspires You to do something similar and don´t hesitate to contact us if you need some advise!!
A relaxing photo taken at Milford Sound on the South Island in New Zealand. Click to enlarge.